A 5-Step Homeowner’s Guide to Exterior Remodeling

exterior home remodel

Let’s face it, exterior remodeling can be fun, exciting, and suspenseful while at the same time a little stressful. 

Knowing what colors to pick out, how much to budget for, what should you remodel, and what shouldn’t you remodel can all cause a little bit of unneeded aforementioned stress. However, when you know what you’re doing – or at least you’re on the right track – the process can be seamless and simple. 

In this article today, we will help you with understanding the necessary steps to remodel the exterior of your home, including: 

  • Creating an exterior remodel plan
  • Setting a budget
  • Hiring the right contractors, & more!

The Homeowner’s Guide to Exterior Remodeling

1. Have a plan 

There is the old saying that says, “Failing to plan is planning to fail.” In other words, when we don’t have a plan for our remodeling project it can lead to issues. Those issues can range from going over budget (which is issue #1 for most) to perhaps choosing the wrong options we don’t love. 

So like anything in life that is important, planning what you will remodel on the outside of your home should be your first step. Things to consider include:

While the list above isn’t inclusive of every possible option, it does cover most of the most common things homeowners have remodeled on the outside of their homes. And while everything on the list isn’t a necessity, the first step in planning is assessing needs and wants.

Needs vs Wants:

Remodeling the exterior of your home might require you to first assess needs over a want. You may want some new windows or a new color of siding, however, this will depend on step two, which is your budget. 

If your home’s gutters are falling off and the roof is caving in and some areas, the windows, and siding might have to wait because the stormwater management done by your roof and gutters is more urgent! 

A lot of this can be also determined when you go to hire exterior remodeling companies to help you with your project, as they can tell you if you have some pressing needs. That being said, to help you plan follow these steps: 

  1. Create a list of what you would like to have remodeled
  2. Pick out possible colors of siding, windows, shingles
  3. Look at different options in quality of shingles, windows, exterior trim, etc.
  4. Create two or three options per item. For example, have two shingle types for your roof, two window types, and perhaps a few gutter colors 
  5. Once you have your options, it’s now time to set a budget

Lastly, don’t forget, depending on where you’re located, there may be HOA forms and permissions that are required. Start this process early so you’re not waiting on HOA approval when you’re ready to do the work. 

Most HOA’s meet monthly to approve remodeling projects. Also, permits may be required for some aspects (like addition or deck) but not for other things like new gutters or a new roof. Step four will help you with the permit stuff. 

2. Set a budget

Setting a remodel budget is something you would want to normally do prior to planning, however, when it comes to exterior remodeling there is a lot to it, so knowing where to start with your budget isn’t so easy. 

For example, some window types can increase the cost of your project by 400%, making setting a correct budget somewhat challenging. That being said, you will want to have a budget for your exterior home remodeling.

Start with a number you are comfortable spending and a hard number that you can not exceed. For example, perhaps you would ideally like to spend $25,000 on your home remodel, but you cannot go over $30,000 no matter what. 

This will help you identify your needs and wants and select the right options. Some things are a lot less expensive, such as new gutters compared to replacing all of your siding or roof. 

To help you with budgeting your remodeling job, check out some of these pricing guides:

3. Take your time

Perhaps this should have been stated earlier, but we will go ahead and cover this now, but take your time when it comes to remodeling your home. 

Whether you’re looking to only remodel the exterior, or you’re remodeling everything inside and out, it’s best to take the planning, budgeting, and hiring phases slowly. We put this step ahead of hiring because once you start hiring contractors, it’s only a short period of time before the work starts and there is no going back at that point. 

Make sure you visit showrooms, research your options, explore different color types and do all of your due diligence before remodeling your home. Ideas to help you include visiting newly built neighborhoods to gather ideas, researching exterior home color trends, and perhaps meeting with a designer. 

Taking your time is vital because the remodeling you’re going to complete will last 20 years plus!

4. Interview & Hire Exterior Remodelers 

Once you have planned your remodeling project, picked out your colors, budgeted for everything and you’re firm in what you want – then it is finally time to pick a contractor to fit your project. 

The first step in hiring an exterior remodeling contractor is making sure they fit your vision. For some homeowners, a company that can do it all is something they may want. On the other hand, some homeowners like to have experts work in phases. 

While this may be more work on your end, it can lead to better results if you have a grand vision for the outside of your home. In some cases, depending on the scope of your work, permits may or may not be required. Some things, like replacing windows, siding, gutters, and a roof actually don’t require a permit whereas an addition or deck does. 

On top of that, when it comes to hiring an exterior remodeling company, don’t forget to look at their: 

  • Reviews online
  • Previous work 
  • Their quotes (price matters, but so does quality)
  • Their experience
  • Are they insured and licensed?

For more on hiring an exterior home remodeler, use this article on questions to always ask before hiring! 

5. Enjoy your newly remodeled home!

You have planned your remodel. You have set a budget and taken your time. You interviewed contractors, picked the best fit, and signed the contract to make it happen…

The last step in the process is to enjoy your newly remodeled exterior!

Ultimately, no matter what you decide on when it comes to remodeling the outside of your home, as long as you followed the steps above you will be happy with the way your home looks and how healthy it is!

A modern, trendy, newly remodeled exterior doesn’t just add curb appeal. It can add long-lasting protection for the inside of your home as well as an uptick in home value when you go to sell one day! 

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