Gutters: Why They’re Important

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If you complete a simple Google search of “Gutters near me” you will quickly find a list populated of companies, service providers, and gutter suppliers in your area. 

Whey you might be surprised by is the sheer amount of gutter companies and gutter suppliers. In fact, many times people will ask the team at Gutter Gurus of Woodbridge, 

“Are gutters really that important to your home?”

Without hesitation, we always reply with an emphatic YES! So today, we decided to share with you the reasons why gutters are so important and why they’re an integral part of your home!

What you will learn: See why it is important to keep your gutters maintained and functional to prevent some of the issues we see happen below!

Why Gutters Are Important 101

Think of how rivers, tributaries and the overall drainage systems work for stormwater. 

When a strong rain occurs, drainage ditches flow into creeks. The creeks then connect to bigger river systems which act as tributaries to larger bodies of water such as bays, before finally connecting to oceans. 

While this may or may not resonate with you, it will once we explain how gutters protect your home. Your home’s gutters are like the small ditches next to a road that feeds into the creeks. 

Whenever it rains or there is precipitation, water accumulates on a home’s roof and is channeled down to your gutters. Gutters then collect water and dispense the water in centralized areas away from your home. 

Gutters work properly are just like the small creeks feeding the larger rivers. However, instead of feeding rivers, seamless gutters displace water away from the foundation of your home.  This protects your home from bigger foundational issues. 

But sometimes people still ask, “Do I really need gutters?”

What gutters do & why you need them:

Knowing the purpose of gutters is one thing, knowing why you need them is another. 

With properly installed gutters that are maintained annually or that have gutter guards, there should be no issues. However, if your gutters are:

  • Clogged
  • Damaged
  • Pulling away from home
  • Cracked
  • Missing
  • In need of repair
  • Broken

Then there is a chance you may expierence some of the following issues from inadequate/lack of gutters. 

1. Erosion 

Water constantly splashing off a roof with missing or poor-performing gutters can lead to erosion around your home in a hurry. 

Homes that are built correctly and meet grading codes have a slope that prevents water from sitting or pooling around a home. However, the slope is designed to work in accordance with downspouts. Without gutters working properly, erosion can lead to issues such as missing soil around your foundation all the way to ground settling – which can lead to really big problems like foundational cracks. 

While this might seem somewhat extreme, it is possible over extended periods of time! 

2. Foundational Issues

As noted above, an inefficient gutter system can lead to bigger problems like foundational issues. Dirt around a home’s foundation becomes heavy when saturated with water and can increase the pressure around a home’s foundation. 

As a result, homeowners can sometimes expierence cracks in their foundation which can lead to big issues like foundation repairs and #5 below – basement flooding!

3. Landscape Beds

Ever seen what heavy rain does do freshly laid mulch? Now imagine tons of rain running off your roof constantly peppering the same spot in your landsacpe beds. That is what can happen without gutters. 

Protecting your landscaping starts with downspouts that are properly functioning and allow for water to flow away from landscaping beds. Your foundation, landscaping, and gutter system all work in a symbiotic fashion. 

4. Siding

Your siding is designed to protect your home during rainstorms when raindrops hit the side of your home. However, siding is not designed to withstand loads of water gushing down the side all at one time, from let’s say a house without gutters…!

Over time, if gutters are not properly maintained or installed, siding can also become stained from rainwater and shingle residue – which is not the ideal curb appeal. In the rare case of wood siding, it’s important to prevent water from rotting the wood, starting with a solid gutter system!

5. Basement Flooding

Last but not least, no one ever wants to come home from a long trip or day of work to find a basement that has been flooded. 

While this is rare and more likely to happen if a home’s sump pump doesn’t work correctly, overtime this sequence of events is possible:

  1. Gutters are not maintained or inspected
  2. Water is not displaced correctly due to gutter issues
  3. Erosion occurs
  4. Water pools around home
  5. Small cracks in foundation lead to water entering the basement

The end result is a bunch of wet carpet and old boxes! So while we tend to not think of gutters as being important, they certainly serve their role in keeping homes dry and safe. A flooded basement can cause severe issues such as black mold so if you ever do have flooding, be sure to call a restoration company! 

All this to say – none of this will happen if you follow these simple gutter tips!

Gutter Tips To Keep Your Home Dry!

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Follow these tips and you will never have to worry about any of the common problems from underperforming gutters. 

1. Check Your Gutters Every Fall or Spring

If you don’t have gutter guards like the Gutter Guru Raindrop product, you will need to check your gutters every year at least 1x, ideally two. This is just to make sure your gutters are not clogged, damaged, cracked or pulling away from your home. 

2. Install Gutter Guards

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One solution to not having to check your gutters or ever clean them is to contact the Gutter Gurus of Woodbridge, Va about Raindrop gutter guards. While we can’t make the same promise for other gutter guards (you can read about the best gutter guards here) we can for ours. 


Because we offer a lifetime no-clog warranty with our Raindrop gutter guards! You can get a free quote here in under sixty seconds.  

3. Keep an eye out during storms

Last but not least, next time there is rain, keep an eye out on your gutters. From time to time it’s a good idea to simply look out your windows or observe your downspouts to see how your gutters are working. 

If you see rain flying off your roof or not coming out a downspout, that’s a tall tale sign you might need to get a gutter inspection! 

Hopefully, you now know why gutters are important and if you have any questions simply reach out below!

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Until Next Time!,