Raindrop Gutter Guards: The Best Gutter Guards For Your Home

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When most homeowners think of gutter guards, they usually think of gutter problems. 

Those gutter issues can sometimes be existing, or stem from a previously not so positive experience with gutter guards that left the homeowner politely declining future guards for their home. 

However, today the team at Gutter Gurus of Woodbridge aims to do a product spotlight on the Raindrop Gutter Guards – the leader in gutter guards and the only guard we install!

In quick summary, you will learn why we only exclusively use Raindrop Gutter Guards for all of our clients and you will quickly see why:

  1. Raindrops performance is second to none
  2. You never have to clean your gutters or the gutter guards again 
  3. The Gutter Guru & Raindrop gutter guard warranty is unbeatable
  4. They are the best guards for your rain gutters!

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Never Clean Your Gutters (or Gutter Guards) Again! 

Before we talk performance of gutter guards, which is vital, let’s discuss the purpose of gutter guards in the first place. 

Your home’s gutters have one purpose – to collect rain during storms from your roof, the channel he water to your downspout, then the downspout displaces the collected rainwater away from your home’s foundation. 

The rain gutter system works in unison together and if compromised, by either leaves, sticks, or a damaged seamless gutter, the entire system can break down resulting in the need for new gutters or foundational issues. 

However, this is all preventable of course. 

Simply cleaning your home’s gutters 1-2x per year prevents any serious clogs from ruining your gutters and the other option is to of course, have gutter guards installed. 

The purpose of gutter guards is to prevent the accumulation of leaves, sticks, and debris in your gutters so that your home’s gutters can do their job to the best of their ability. But when it comes to selecting the right gutter guards, if you happen to go with the wrong product or the “Cheapest option,” in the long run you will have to deal with some of the same issues such as cleaning and gutter repairs. 

Selecting the Right Gutter Guard

Typically, there are three types of gutter guards you can choose from:

  1. Screens gutter guards
  2. Surface tension gutter guards
  3. Fine mesh gutter guards
  4. Bonus & league of their own: Raindrop Gutter Guards

The issue with selecting the wrong gutter guard is simple. Go with the cheapest option like a screen guard, and you will still have to clean your gutters, just instead of cleaning the gutters, you’re cleaning the guards themselves (so what is the point?). 

If you decided to go with a fine mesh guard, you run into the same issue. Most fine-mesh gutter guards are “flat mount” thus leaves and pine needles sit on top and collect on the mesh guards. These also need an annual gutter cleaning service to make sure they work properly. You might have clean gutters, but with screen and mesh gutter guards, now you have dirty gutter guards. 

The most common type of high-performing gutter guards is surface tension gutter guards. However, Gutter Helmet and others similar may prevent your gutters from being clogged and never being cleaned, but they often can’t handle heavy rains. 

Only if there was a gutter guard that could do all three – protect, prevent cleaning, and perform…

Let us introduce to you, Raindrop Gutter Guards! 

Use our Gutter Calculator: You can get an instant gutter guard quote online for free simply by using our Gutter Caculator Tool!

Why Raindrop Gutter Guards

From the Raindrop website, “Every aspect of the Raindrop® Gutter Guard is essential in its goal to provide a maintenance-free & self-cleaning gutter protection system, far more advanced than anything available on the market today.”

The keywords are maintenance-free and self-cleaning. This, and the other reasons we are about to share, is why Gutter Gurus of Woodbridge only installs Raindrop Gutter Guards. 

In fact, since Raindrop was first installed in the Spring of 2000, there have been zero complaints filed by the Better Business Bureau regarding Raindrop Gutter Guards – pretty impressive. 

Raindrop gutter guards are durable, flexible, high performing, and self-cleaning! 


The video below shows the durability of Raindrop Gutter Guards! 

Using a special blend of polypropylene and UV stabilizers, Raindrop gutter guards can and will withstand the harshest storms, hottest climates, and coldest seasons imaginable… and a few hammers or branches! 

This is important because not only do they protect your gutters from leaves, they also protect your gutters from branches and keep them lasting longer… all while performing! 

Never worry about power washing your gutters again!


Mentioned earlier, most gutter guards will either keep your gutters clean and then need cleaning OR they won’t need cleaning, but the gutters themselves are now not able to perform. 

However, with Raindrop making use of the surface tension gutter guard style (thus no cleaning) but also having the ability to still let water in (performance) their guards still perform! Where most companies fail to withstand high-volume rainstorms, Raindrop still lets your gutters do their job! 


As you can see in the video below, you don’t have to worry about cleaning your gutter guards. As silly as that may sound, most gutter guards require homeowners to clean them every year, however not with Raindrop. 

Raindrop gutter guards are not only self-cleaning, anything that does get through is too small to do anything and is simply washed away. 

“Keep the big stuff out, and everything else will wash through without a clog.”

In fact, we are so sure of it we offer a no-clog warranty with and Raindrop Gutter Guards we install! Speaking of warranties… 

Our Gutter Guard Warranty

Sure, we get it, most people will tell you that their product is the best and that is why you should select them, even if we are talking gutter guards. 

However, truth be told, the reason we choose Raindrop is not only because they are the best, but because we want to be able to provide the most value to our clients. And with Raindrop Gutter Guards we guarantee performance with our No-Clog Warranty! 

When the Gutter Gurus install Raindrop gutter guards, we offer a lifetime no-clog warranty. We stand behind the performance of Raindrop so much, we can confidently offer such an amazing warranty! 

Lastly, How Much Do Gutter Guards Cost?

Price ranges for gutter guards can range from just a few dollars per linear foot all the way up to $20+ per foot (which is overpriced). 

That being said, the cheapest option usually means it’s gutter screens which actually have been known to cause more issues and the most expensive product is typically gutter guards like Gutter Helmet. 

Raindrop Gutter guards are right in the middle, thus offering affordability, performance and maintenance-free rain gutter systems! We also make it super easy for you to get a quote on gutter guards, by using our Gutter Guard Calculator tool here:

Simply input the length of your gutters in linear feet and get an instant gutter guard quote! We will come out and inspect the condition of your gutters first, then clean them out, followed by installing the Raindrop gutter guards!

Until next time, 


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