3 Tips to Finding the Best Gutter Company Near You

gutter company near me

Just recently I was on a hike in Northern, VA when I came across an older house with over half of its seamless gutters missing from the front of the house. 

It looked as though a gust of wind had blown from the west and torn away part of the gutter and fascia board as what was left was very jagged. Nonetheless, judging by the weathering, this seemed like it may have happened two-plus years ago. 

Which led me to ask, “Why have they not called a gutter company to come to fix their gutters?”

Truthfully, when the Gutter Gurus of Virginia run an estimate for a homeowner, we often hear that they had trouble finding a “Reliable” and “Trustworthy gutter company near me.”

We decided to write this article today to share with you how to go about finding the best gutter company near you. Enjoy!

Tips for Finding The Best Gutter Company “Near Me”

Before looking into companies, feel free to use our Free Gutter Calculator tool here to help you know a roundabout price for your work. All you need to know is the linear feet of the gutter you need to be replaced, then input it into our free online estimator!

Here are some quick tips to help you find the best gutter company near me and how to decipher all the information available when you’re looking to get some gutter help.

1. Google “Gutter Company Near Me” 

Most people’s natural inclination is to go to Google to find just about anything they need these days. 

Whether it is a new gadget for their home, a restaurant nearby, or a gutter company close to their home, Google is the leading source of information in the 21st century. And while Google is full of solid information, it can sometimes be a bit of a process to sort through it all. 

So when looking for a gutter company on Google, be sure to first type in your search bar:

‘Gutter company near me,” or “Gutter Company Woodbridge.” This let’s Google know where you’re at. Secondly, look at their website and ask, “Is this a friendly website?” Next, read over reviews and see what past clients are saying.

For example, if you wanted to look for a roofing company in Woodbridge, you would type in something like “Roofing Company Woodbridge,” or “Roofer near me.”

Google typically ranks companies in what is called the “Local 3 Pack” which are the first three companies you see attached to the Google map. It’s not a bad bet to review a few companies first! 

2. Ask your network for a Gutter Company!

Whether you have that friend who always has a “Guy” in mind, or you know someone in the trade industry, asking your network for a word of mouth recommendation is always a great option. 

Just recently, a friend needed a plumber to replace his hot water heater. He reached out to a friend whose dad was a plumber, and he was able to not only save money but he got a quick service in a hurry. 

Word-of-mouth marketing is still the most potent form of referrals and while we would prefer everyone recommends Gutter Gurus of Woodbridge when it comes to gutters, asking around is a great way to quickly get some recommendations you can trust! 

Lastly, always make sure they offer some sort of gutter warranty! This is valuable and often rare, but it is something you will want as a homeowner! The health of your gutters is not permanent!

3. Search Facebook for a Gutter Company Near By

Similar to asking your network via word of mouth, asking for recommendations on Facebook might be the simplest way to find a Gutter Company near you. 

The steps are easy, simply go to your Facebook page or Facebook app and choose “Create a Post.” Instead of typing a normal post, choose the “Ask for Recommendations” option as seen below. 

gutter company recommendation

Type in a question similar to the one above, something along the lines of “Does anyone know of a gutter company near Woodbridge?”

You will get tons of tags and recommendations! People love recommending small and local businesses. 

Bonus: Go to Home Advisor 

Another option, one that some people love – but sometimes find a bit invasive – is using a home service matching company like Home Advisor. 

When people use Home Advisor’s services, they input their information like:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone
  • Email
  • Job details

Then, using a list of vetted service providers, Home Advisor matches the job with companies nearby. 

Pros to Home Advisor: They only match homeowners with vetted and reviewed service providers. Home Advisor has preferred service providers in every area and their own review system as well. 

Cons to Home Advisor: Homeowners are sometimes turned off by the number of calls, texts, and emails they get from companies. Similar to submitting your info to an online car buying website, Home Advisor is a service matcher for homeowners but a lead generator for contractors. Sometimes homeowners are a bit turned off by the number of calls they receive. 

Final Word on Finding a Gutter Company Near You!

Hopefully, these tips above will help on your quest to find a gutter company near you. At this point, if you’re still reading this article you are considering whether or not to work with Gutter Gurus! 

Here is some quick info to help you:

Gutter Gurus of Woodbridge, Va proudly serves the greater Northern Virginia area including Lorton, Fairfax Station, Woodbridge, and all of Prince William County, Fairfax County, and Stafford County for all gutter services including new seamless gutters, gutter guards, and gutter repairs. 

What separates us from the rest? 

Many say it is our gutter estimator tool that provides them with an instant quote and a 10% off discount for using it! Simply use this tool here and alls you need to do on your end is get the measurements for your gutters and input them. Google Maps has a measurement tool you can use to measure the sections of gutters on your home and downspouts typically run 10-13’ per story. So a two-story downspout would be 20-26’!

Don’t worry if you’re not exact, we always measure before we install seamless gutters because they’re custom! 

If you found this article helpful, be sure to let us know or share for a friend looking for recommendations on Facebook! Until next time, have a great week!

Use our Gutter Calculator: You can get an instant gutter quote online for free simply by using our Gutter Caculator Tool!