Use Our Gutter Calculator to See How Much to Pay For Gutters

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When spring hits, so do the rains. 

The old saying, “April showers bring May flowers,” is true – but most people seem to always forget part two of the saying:

April showers bring may flower AND the heavy rains can bring down clogged gutters. 

This couldn’t be more evident just by the sheer volume of calls we get the day after a heavy rain requesting gutter help. Homeowners realize that their gutters aren’t performing when they see one of the following: 

  1. Rain flowing off the roof similar to a waterfall
  2. Visible gutter damage such as a hanging gutter or disconnected downspout

That being said, most people want to know: How much should I pay for gutters?

Use our Gutter Calculator: Today we aim to not only answer that question but also provide you with a gutter calculator for you to do the math and get an accurate price yourself in under 60 seconds! You can get an instant gutter quote using our Gutter Caculator Tool!

How much should you pay for gutters?

When people hop online and search for home maintenance information, typically they answer they are looking for his cost. 

How much do new windows cost?

How much should I pay for grass cutting?

What is the price for shingles?

How much should I pay for gutters?

None the less, the typical answer is pretty straight forward: It depends. 

Products, material, location, and quality of workmanship all contribute to the factors behind home maintenance pricing. However, for seamless aluminum gutters, the price is pretty straight forward. 

Aluminum seamless gutters are priced per linear foot and can range from:


Depending on your home’s location (Woodbridge, VA vs a rural location) and the size of your gutters (5-inch or 6-inch) the prices may vary. 

However, you can use the Gutter Gurus free gutter calculator here to get you an accurate price for your home!

Use a Gutter Calculator:

The process for getting an accurate gutter pricing quote is simple, here are the steps:

1. Use this link here to start the process

2. Find out whether you want 5-inch or 6-inch gutters (we expand later as to why we always recommend 6-inch gutters)

3. Next, you can choose your color:

gutter calculator

4. Now you will need to find the linear footage for your gutters and your downspouts. The quickest way to do this is to use a plat of your house. However, if you don’t have one that is ok!

Simply hop on to Google Maps and type in your home’s address. When you see the ariel view of your home, right-click and select “Measure Distance.” Then measure each distance where you have sections of existing seamless gutters. Total the linear feet up and use the slide bar. 

For your downspouts, simply count the number of downspouts you have. Downspouts are pretty standard in length. 

  • Two-floor downspouts are 23-25 feet 
  • One-floor downspouts are 11-13 feet

So guestimate your downspouts by simply counting how many you have and multiplying them by 12 or 24 feet. 

For example, if you have a garage with two downspouts and your home is two floors with two more downspouts, in this case, you would safely assume you have 72 feet of a downspout.

Once you input all the linear feet into the gutter calculator, you now have an extremely accurate price for aluminum seamless gutters! 

What about gutter guards? You can get a quote for the gutter guards Gutter Gurus recommend – Rain Drop – by using your gutter footage and inputting those numbers. This is great if you’re considering gutter guard options to know what price point you should pay!

Things to keep in mind when your pricing gutters!

While the free quote using the gutter calculator above might be accurate for those interested in seamless gutters in the Northern Virginia area, it is important to keep in mind that pricing may vary depending on your home’s location and the type of gutters. 

While most companies recommend and use custom seamless aluminum gutters, there are other gutter options that can be more expensive. That being said, one of those items worth considering is the larger 6-inch gutters instead of 5-inch gutters. 

Here is why:

Why 6-inch gutters are better than 5-inch gutters:

One word describes why 6-inch gutters are better (in our expert opinion) than 5-inch gutters: 


Increasing the size of your gutters from 5-inch to 6-inch expands the maximum volume of water your gutters can hold. Additionally, the downspouts are bigger, thus displacing more water at a faster rate. 

And not just 2x faster, exceptionally faster. 

Six-inch gutters call for 3×4 inch downspouts (instead of the standard 2×3 inch downspouts) thus making the downspout connector larger. In turn, the amount of water collected in the larger gutter troughs can be quickly channeled down the downspout and dispersed at a faster rate. 

Even more exciting than the performance of 6-inch gutters, is the fact that they only cost $1 more per linear feet more than their 5-inch counterparts. So in the case of deciding on 5-inch or 6-inch gutters, it’s extremely cost-effective to upgrade to 6-inch seamless gutters. 

This leads to the final point when it comes to estimating the costs of your gutters, what about guards?

Gutter Calculator for Gutter Guards

You can use the same gutter calculator to figure out a price for gutter guards by simply inputting the linear feet for your gutters under the lifetime no-clog warranty section. 

In this case, Raindrop is the official gutter guard product that the team at Gutter Guru’s prefers. This number can help you price check other gutter protection products. 

The upside behind the Raindrop gutter guards? 

Well besides never having to clean your gutters ever again, Raindrop Gutter guards allow for water to enter your gutters, but never any debris. We are so confident that we offer a lifetime no-clog warranty when we install Raindrop gutters on any new gutters. 

Final Take

When it comes to your gutters, chances are if they’re older they were installed with gutter spikes. It’s common to see gutters slowly pull away from the fascia boards on your house over time. 

That being said, when this happens it’s vital to look into replacing your gutters before more damage is caused. Damages such as fascia boards, water leaks, and foundation issues. 

Hopefully, our DIY Gutter Calculator made it simple for you to price your gutters!

If you live in the Northern Virginia area including Springfield, Woodbridge, Lakeridge, Dumfries, Manassas, Signal Hill, and the surrounding areas Gutter Gurus can help you with any questions you may have.